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A Thank You to the BetterWay Supporters

A Thank You to the BetterWay Supporters

What we have done so far is nothing short of amazing and it is all because of the support given by each of you. Thank You.

Project BetterWay is not a chamber project. It is not a city or county project. It is a community project, and the level of success Project BetterWay can attain depends upon the level of interest and commitment put into it by the community. Thank you for your interest and your commitment.
The BetterWay plan is to take what we have, accentuate it, improve it, promote it and then enjoy it!

We, the people of this community, working together, have a very loud voice and we, the people, working collectively can make a difference. Achieving the BetterWay Initiative’s vision is one way we can make a big difference. The vision of every individual project of the initiative is designed with one goal in mind – to make our great community greater, not settling for just good, but surpassing better and heading straight for the absolute best!

The potential of what we can achieve is mind-boggling. Just look at what you have already accomplished. When we first began, some members of this community told me it would take a miracle to get trees downtown. Well, we have received our first miracle and working together our efforts will be rewarded with a whole lot more.

What we are doing in downtown Donalsonville is just the beginning of the BetterWay vision for all of Seminole County. BetterWay Patrons, pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

Your commitment to making this great community even better has provided a solid foundation for greater and BetterWay opportunities to be envisioned and enacted.

On my arrival to this community, I realized immediately that the players and the desire to accomplish set goals already existed. We just needed someone to strike the match and get the BetterWay fire going.  Well, the fire is hot now, and we as a committed community, have transformed that fire into an eternal flame for progress.

Phase One of the BetterWay Initiative included the planting of trees, the installation of Victorian Street Signs, the display of historical photographs, the addition of sidewalk benches, planters, banners and sidewalk museums. All of the projects are not complete but they are literally on the way. The efforts of Phase One will continue to add even more trees and additional assets to our BetterWay of life.

As a community, we developed a vision; we promoted that vision as a BetterWay and we, the Patrons and the dedicated committee members, can now say that our dreams are coming true.

What’s next?  Phase Two has proposed the creation of a walking/biking trail winding through an outdoor historical museum/park along the railroad on First Street, the creation of a Seminole County Historical Museum showcasing our county’s storied history and the design and development of a Cherry Street mural depicting the faces of Donalsonville and Seminole County, a building-size visual display of the people that made our community great and of the current people who walk the streets and make a daily difference.

To see these efforts become a reality will require the continued commitment by the community as well as a whole lot of money. So the next major push of project BetterWay will be performed in part by the BetterWay Grant Writing Committee.
This committee is getting ready to let the whole world know what we have done, or at least the ones in that world who want to give us money. We have identified sources of funding that are just waiting to be asked and we are getting ready to start asking.

Dream it, Believe it, Do it and then Enjoy it – that is the BetterWay plan. And based on recent history, we, as a committed and dedicated community, will continue to work the plan and transform the visions of all of our dreams into clearly focused realities.

Can we do it? Just look at what we just did! Not so long ago the Cherry Street and downtown projects were dreams and an idea on a shelf covered in dust. We have planted seeds for progress the BetterWay and we can now walk under the trees that grew from those seeds.  
Pat yourself on the back, Seminole County –
for a job well done!

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