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What Difference Can You Make?

In a portion of my column that ran in the October 13, 2011 edition of the Donalsonville News, which was written well before the BetterWay Initiative started moving forward, I made a statement – What a difference trees could make – referring to Cherry Street.

Quite frankly, it was written to see what type of reaction I would get from the community.
Today, a year and a half after that column was written, we as a community have turned that statement into a question and we have answered it with BetterWay. What difference could trees make? Just look around and see.
And here’s my next question . . .

What Difference Can You Make?

A big one. Individuals coming together and working together for a common goal – the betterment of the community – is why BetterWay is working. Dream it, Believe it, Do it – that’s the BetterWay plan – to take what we have, accentuate it, improve it, promote it and then enjoy it.
 Based on what we have accomplished so far, we, as a committed and dedicated community, will continue to work the plan and transform the visions of all of our dreams into clearly focused realities.
Join the campaign. Phase One of the BetterWay Initiative included the planting of trees, the installation of Victorian Street Signs, the display of historical photographs, the addition of sidewalk benches, planters, banners and sidewalk museums. All of the projects are not complete but they are on the way. The efforts of Phase One will continue to add even more trees and additional assets to our BetterWay of life. And we are just getting started.
Each project we address and complete is adding fuel to our flame of progress and the brighter the flame burns the brighter our days will be.
It will not happen overnight, and it will not happen all at once, but if we come together, work together and keep moving forward, we will eventually run head-on into what we are working to achieve
Last week’s patrons’ reception was the perfect example of how it is supposed to work. No one individual made that happen; the time and effort contributed by countless volunteers made that evening possible. The event was unquestionably an astounding success and it proved, yet again, that if we have a plan and work the plan together, we can make anything happen.
The BetterWay Thank You Progressive Reception achieved its goal and provided supporters of the Seminole County BetterWay Initiative with a first class expression of appreciation from beginning to end, and a whole lot of people were responsible for its success.
 With all the dedicated and creative people in this community, the sky is the limit in what we can achieve.  All we need to do is work together with the common goal of making our community and the way of life it provides better. Make a difference and make a better way for yourself and in the community you call home.
The next BetterWay planning meeting is today at 5 p.m. in the chamber’s boardroom. Join us. Pull up a chair, get in on the conversation and let’s work together to make a
positive difference and build a better way.

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