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The needle on my pride meter broke and fell off in Macon

The word pride can be defined as a satisfied sense of achievement for a person or a group for choices made and actions taken, and with it comes praise, independent self-reflection, a feeling of dignity, self-respect and satisfaction.
I take pride in calling myself a citizen of Seminole County. Living in this community gives me the opportunity to be associated with a countless number of people who routinely go beyond what is expected, make a positive difference and always seem to be working on something to make us all proud. This place is special and it is the special people in it that make me proud to call it home.
 The qualities of being a good community citizen –  doing the right thing, being a good neighbor and working together to do whatever needs to be done to make today better than yesterday –  are taught from birth around here.
Seminole County students/athletes in particular have a knack for doing everything they do with class and great sportsmanship. This season the Class AA State Champion Basketball Indians have shown the entire state that Seminole County means business. Each member of this team is a first-class ambassador for the place we call home and they are spreading the good things statewide.
The gauge on my pride meter began to rise during the emotional and memorable showcase of talent and sportsmanship exhibited by the Seminole County Indians throughout the entire basketball season, and specifically in the final games of the State Tournament. This team and its members excelled beyond even their own expectations and their desire for excellence fired up the entire community. The number of people that made the March to Macon last Friday afternoon made the little pointy arrow on my pride meter fall completely off. Standing on the floor of the Macon Centreplex after the game, as I watched our Indians raise that State Championship trophy, the sounds roaring from the Indian fans in the stands were deafening. It was a 3-D exhibition of the definition of what it really means to be a proud Indian and bleed green.
Mario Andretti once said, “Desire is the key to motivation, but it’s determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of a goal – a commitment to excellence – that will enable you to attain success.”
He must have known someone from Seminole County when he wrote that. The desire, the determination and the commitment in the play of our Seminole County Basketball Indians and coaches have been on display all season long. Watching those guys after the game last Friday made me so proud for them and for each and every person they have touched.
From excessive use, my pride meter broke this week, and I am so very, very proud of the people who broke it.
Congratulations GHSA Class AA State Champion Seminole County Indians! Each of you deserves every single accolade headed you way!

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