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Combining our collective voices into a louder and more effective performance of the Song of Seminole County


On more than one occasion during the State’s Resource team’s visit in our community this past week the following words were spoken to me, “Your community – Seminole County  – is on the verge of great things.” And in each case, a lengthy conversation followed about the good things they were hearing of our plans to make life better and the potential opportunities our community has to offer. All the people commenting were in agreement that  what we have done so far as a community and the potential we have within this community has positioned us for progress. The word is out that we are headed for an even better and brighter day.

Numerous groups and individuals in this community have similar dreams and goals to make our community the best it can be – and their efforts should be applauded. If we all want the same thing, why can’t we pool our interests and our talents and make them bolder? Just think how effective our louder voice would be if we were all on the same page and singing the same song.

We need to develop a consensus opinion of what we want. We need to make sure everyone is in agreement of what we would like to recruit into our community and establish a directed promotional and marketing campaign to identify projects and prospects and to become proactive in recruiting them and selling them on the benefits we have to offer.

We need to combine the positive efforts of each group in our community into a concentrated super effort to identify our goals and then, together, go forward and achieve them.

Combining the efforts of  the Chamber of Commerce, the Donalsonville-Seminole County and Downtown Development Authorities, the BetterWay Initiative, City and County Governments and every single group, organization and citizen –  into an ongoing, progressive plan to work together and make a better way for Seminole County, IS

Establishing a permanent home for a fine arts gallery and shows, a place to hold cultural activities for all ages, wide open spaces for displaying and promoting this community’s history and an event venue for the things we have not even thought of yet is something, somehow we have to do. It is a good idea.

The opportunity is right there in front of us – sitting vacant on Woolfork Avenue right in the middle of downtown Donalsonville. The transformation of the facility into the one of our dreams is indeed a monumental task but it is not impossible. We just have to dream it, believe it, plan for it and make it happen. The possibilities are endless.

The fire of progress has been lit in the hearts of Seminole County citizens. Our community is showing signs of the contagious effects of a job well begun.  Let’s keep it spreading into epidemic proportions.

We are limited only by the size of our dreams. And as a spokesperson for the big dreamers, I will continue to shout from the roof tops,  that our dreams are huge, our expectations are grand and we will stop at nothing short of achievement of each and every goal we set. Dream it, believe in it, work to make it happen and then sit back and expect it.

It’s time for each of us to make a decision . . . to get on the progress train or to get off the tracks and get out of its way.

What are we waiting for? Come on, Seminole County. Let’s work together, get on the same page, sing the same song and make some beautiful music together!

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