Meet your new best friend

In an effort to spread the love and create new and lifelong friendships, the Donalsonville News and Riverside Veterinary Clinic have partnered  to help find the perfect home for the clinic’s animals in desperate need of adoption. How about helping us out. Just look at these faces. Have you met your new best friend today?

Roscoe, the red dog, is an unaltered male adult around two to three years of age. He is super friendly, and he even knows the command to sit. He would make a great family dog, but he has a lot of energy and would require a large yard for him to run around in.

Daisy, the white and tan dog, is an unaltered female around  one year of age. She is very sweet and has a shy personality. She is very loving and playful once she gets to know you. She needs someone who will give her the time and attention that she needs,. Daisy would be a great indoor or outdoor dog and she would be wonderful with either a family, or with a solo owner.

Shadow, the black dog, is an unaltered male middle aged adult around five to six years of age. He is a very friendly and mellow guy and loves to be outside. He would make a great family dog or solo adult dog. He loves to sleep in a basket at night or any small space.

Each of these lab mixes are kennel trained and would so desperately love to meet you.

Riverside Veterinary Clinic requires a rabies $20 vaccination to be given upon adoption. If you are interested in adopting one of these best friend candidates contact Riverside Veterinary Clinic’s  Melissa Williams at (229) 524-6198.

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