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Sales tax increases by one percent

As of Monday, October 1st Seminole County residents are paying one percent more for all local purchases as Seminole County’s local sales tax increased from seven to eight percent. That one percent is Seminole County’s transportation special purpose local option sales tax (TSPLOST), which was overwhelmingly approved by local voters in last May’s election. The TSPLOST is expected to raise $4,649,101.10 over the next five years and its revenue will be directed to fund transportation projects selected by priority in the City of Donalsonville, Seminole County and the town of Iron City.

TSPLOST, also known as the Transportation Investment Act Referendum, allows the implementation of a one-percent sales tax where raised funds are used solely for transportation purposes.  City and county officials extended appreciation again to the voters for supporting and understanding the need for the extra tax, commenting that the TSPLOST is the fairest tax allowing for all citizens, as well as visitors traveling through the area, to potentially fund the community’s much needed transportation projects and take some of the burden away from property owners.

The projected TSPLOST revenue of $4,649,101.10 or the actual amount raised will be divided between the county, the City of Donalsonville and the town of Iron City based on the following percentages. Seminole County would receive 66.09% or $3,072,590.91; the City of Donalsonville would receive 30.36% or $1,411,467.09 and the town of Iron City would receive 4.55% or $165,043.09.

The following proposed projects could potentially be funded by TSPLOST revenues, based on the total revenue collected and the predetermined need priority of the project. Potential Seminole County projects include the resurfacing of Braswell Godby Road and Hall Drive; crushed rock placed on Riverside Drive and adjoining roads, Spring Creek Drive, Jack Kelly Road, Holly Roberts Road, Lake View Drive, Saddle Club Road and Holly/Bridal Path; Box Culvert on Lane Bridge Road and Crack Seal on Oakview Post Road, Spooner Road, Fennell Road, Hebrew Road, Clem Copeland Road and Bowen Earnest Road.

Potential projects in the City of Donalsonville include the widening and resurfacing of Woolfork Avenue from East Third St. to East 7th St., 10th  Street from S. Wiley to S. Morris, 12th Street from S. Morris to S. Newcombe, 12th Street from S. Newcombe  to Bush, 12th Street from Bush to S. Knox, 11th  Street from S. Wiley to S. Morris, Bourbon Street from S. Friendship to Stern, Constitution Ave. from E. Seventh to Dead end, Spooner St. from N. Wiley to N. Tennille, E. 7th St. from Woolfork to S. Wiley, W. 7th St. from S. Wiley to S. Morris, S. Morris from W. Third to W. Seventh, E. 4th St. from Dowling to Hwy. 84, Hornsby Ave. from 12th St. to Dead End, S. Knox St. from W.  Third to W. Seventh, Joseph Ave from S. Morris Ave. to W. Third St., Breese St. from N. Tennille Ave. to N. Wiley Ave., E. Plain St. from N. Tennille Ave. to N. Henderson Ave., Conyers Ave from E. Carr St. to Baldwin St., E. Carr St. from Pugh Ave to dead end, Adams Ave. from Plain St. to E. Carr St., W. Chason  St. from N. Wiley Ave. to N. Knox Ave., E. Second  St. from S. Tennille Ave. to S. Wiley Ave., E. Second  St. from S. Tennille Ave. to S. Wiley Ave. (Milling), W. Second  St. from S. Tennille Ave. to S. Knox Ave., W. Second  St. from S. Tennille Ave. to S. Knox Ave. (Milling), Cherry St. from East Second St. to East Third St., First St. from S. Tennille Ave. to S. Wiley Ave., Industrial Park infrastructure, rework new Fire Station Entrance on Hwy. 91 N., install box culverts on E. 7th St., S. Friendship Ave., S. Dowling Ave. E. Plain St.. Pugh Ave., N. Dowling Ave., N. Henderson Ave., N. Knox Ave. and fund a citywide drainage.

The town of Iron City plans to use its TSPLOST revenue to resurface three downtown streets.

Businesses began collecting the additional one cent on Oct. 1, which will potentially help to fund the transportation projects on the TSPLOST investment lists. 

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