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eDonalsonville is online and working well eDonalsovillee

Sign up and connect with eDonalsonville today.

Contact City of Donalsonville Communications Director Jeff Hatcher at (229) 207-0297 or

As of Tuesday, 5,100 Mediacom customers in Georgia and another 5,800 in Florida are still without cable and internet service from the telecommunications company.

According to Mediacom, recovery efforts following Hurricane Michael are steady, with 80 percent of services restored to impacted homes and businesses in the Seminole County area. Still, power outages, downed lines and damaged structures are keeping many from having their services restored.

In the Southwet Georgia area, localized fiber optic lines are damaged, downed drops to individual locations and scattered commercial power outages are the current holdups. Mediacom called line damage “significant” in the South Georgia area. Full restoration is expected by Nov. 21, with actual repair times being shorter or longer.

eDonalsonville is up and running with high speed internet and phone service for residents of Donalsonville and the surrounding area. The high speed internet provider, owned and operated by the City of Donalsonville, was operational soon after the storm and is signing up new customers daily – many  who have been  forced to live without internet and phone services for almost a month because of storm damage caused to the system of other area providers. eDonalsonville is a local connection to the world. There is no activation fee – ever. No limit to usage. No data caps. No contracts and the service offers the lowest rates in the area with  plans starting at $39 per month.

eDonalsonville’s signal is not affected by clouds or rain. Customers can increase or decrease their plans by contacting the local office and talking with a real live person.

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