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Shop a local small business this Saturday

Friday, November 23 is Black Friday, the day that marks the unofficial beginning of the year’s holiday shopping season. Retailers will open their doors earlier and entice shoppers with special deals on a vast array of desired products. This edition of the Donalsonville News is packed with special holiday deals that send out a very loud and local message – shop at home first for the holidays!

With all the Black Friday attention on the malls, megastores and online sites, small businesses are fighting back with the annual Small Business Saturday campaign to encourage shoppers to buy products locally this holiday season beginning on Small Business Saturday, November 24.

Shopping at home is more personal. Hometown businesses remember your name, they know you. It has been my experience that the small business owners are very quick to help residents in our community when they experience a tragedy or other setback. They are always agreeable to help with community events. They always listen and welcome suggestions. They are our neighbors.

Challenge yourself this year to shop locally. Here are five reasons that you should commit to shopping locally this holiday season:

You don’t have to battle the lines at the mall. Shopping locally means that you won’t have to battle crowded malls and wait in long lines. You can spend your time exploring the store and thinking about the right gift, not standing in line.

You don’t have to travel far. By shopping locally you don’t have to travel far. You can park fairly close to any Seminole County marketplace and have the opportunity to celebrate the holiday shopping season surrounded by other shoppers who are your friends and neighbors.

You can get help from the shop owners. Have you ever tried to get help finding a gift in a big box store? They’re helpful if you’re looking for something specific but not if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Small business owners usually know their stock well and can help you choose the perfect gift, not just find it.

The money you spend stays in your community. When you spend money locally it stays local. That money goes back into the community in taxes, rent and in other ways that help keep your town or community thriving.

You can find amazingly unique gifts. At small local shops you can find some great unique items that aren’t available at the big box stores.

If you can’t commit to spending your entire holiday budget locally, commit to just one day!

Small Business Saturday is November 24th. If everyone commits to at least one day of purchasing from local businesses, everyone’s holidays could be brighter. 

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