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Local author publishes prayer books

Children’s prayer book

dedicated to local hurricane victim Sarah Radney

Gail Thomas, a retired teacher at Seminole County Elementary School, left her PreK job seven years ago, and started caring for her sweet mama, Jean Castelow. She and Gail were very close and both shared a personal and precious relationship with Jesus. Jean got very ill and had to go by ambulance to Donalsonville Hospital, where she lay for four days with little response. On the fourth day, she woke up giggling, and Gail ran up and down the halls, telling others her mama was alive. When she asked Mrs. Jean how she felt, Gail noticed a glow in her mama’s eyes she had never seen; her mama told her she had been with Jesus for four days. She told Gail that He sent her back from Heaven to encourage her to get her books, which she had written in 2007, ready because Jesus said the people of this community would need the prayers and photos.

Gail knew this was all true, so when her mama and she went home, she worked daily on the books for five years. These prayers that were sent to her by God in one month became two prayer books and her mama encouraged her to redo an angel poetry book done in 2000, with photos of the lake. She wrote the books in one month, and the children’s book in one weekend.

Gail never dreamed that Seminole County would have a hurricane that would devastate our community. She worked with Christian Faith Publishing Company to have the four books published, but the only one they could get out before Christmas was the children’s book of prayers with photos of Lake Seminole. When Gail heard about the sad loss of Sarah Radney in Hurricane Michael, she knew she had to dedicate the book to Sarah’s memory and to all the hurricane victims in Southwest Georgia and the Florida Panhandle.

Gail and her husband, Wayne, attend church at Spring Creek Baptist Church with Sarah’s grandparents, Gene and Elizabeth Radney, who joined her in introducing a new book entitled, “Healing Prayers, in Jesus’ Name”. The back cover of the book includes a precious picture of Sarah and a dedication. The front cover is a photo of Gail’s twin great nephews, Roman and Vincent Trejo, sons of Daniel and Hannah Trejo. The pier on which the boys are sitting was blown away during Hurricane Michael, only four days after the picture was made. The book features photos of nature and pictures of each of Jean’s six great grandchildren.

Gail says, “Wayne has been my rock during mama’s illness and death, and with the books getting done”.

Gail commented that the Radney family “is one of the best families we know. They are always blessing us with fish and visits, and we love Ronnie and Roy, their two sons and their families. They would do anything to help anybody. They love Jesus and dearly loved their granddaughter, Sarah”.

Gail and Jean said all of the glory for these books is for God, and to honor His Son, Jesus. Even though Gail’s dear mama passed away August 3, 2016, her legacy and love for Jesus and others lives on in this book.

Gail will be giving away all of the books, depending on the Lord for donations to purchase more of them with her author’s discount to honor Jesus. Anyone wanting to make a donation can make checks out to Christian Faith Publishing Company and send them to Gail Thomas, P.O. Box 453, Donalsonville, Ga. 39845. Every penny that comes from the sale of the books will be given to families and children in this community first, then on to others. The books will be given away until none are left and then names will be taken of people who want copies when the next order is made. The books will be featured on and Barnes and

The Radneys are so glad that Sarah is honored and will help bless many children through the children’s books, as well as the other three books coming after Christmas. Gail is so thankful that her mama anointed her at her birth to do something to bring praise, glory and honor to Jesus for the Lord.

Gail and the Radneys wish you all a Merry Christmas.

* * *

Gene Radney, Sarah’s PopPop, shared the following memories

“I called her Small Fry. She was my fourth grandchild, but she was number three granddaughter.  I loved her very much. I wish it would have been me. I would have taken her place without question.  She loved life. She loved people. I mean all people. Most of all she loved God. I guess her love for Jesus was why she saw no color and loved all people. She loved to pray at meal time and said the breakfast prayer the day she was killed. She made friends very easily. She loved her friends, too, and stayed with her best friend Morgan every time she could. She loved being the center of attention, especially when a camera was out. If a camera came out, she was in the picture somewhere.

“A couple of days before the storm, she told us all she wanted for Christmas was an easy bake oven. We told her she would get one this year. She also wanted a cedar chest. She didn’t know, but I had made her one. But now she will not see it, either. The easy bake oven was taken to Blairsville, Georgia, where our church does mission work.  She so wanted to go this past year. We told her she could go on the next trip, but now she is with Jesus  in Heaven. We asked the preacher there to find a girl that would love to have an easy bake oven as a gift. The chest was donated to Broken Shackle Ranch in Davisboro, Georgia.  It is a home for troubled boys. The last I know about the chest, the high bid was $1800.00. This boys ranch works off of donations and they helped me, along with the Might Man Ministries, take down trees in my yard and on buildings and didn’t charge a dime. This is why I thought this is where Sarah would want her cedar chest to go.

“Sarah loved to sing and dance. She had just started band at Washington Middle School in Cairo, Georgia and was learning to play the trumpet. Her dad wanted to keep the trumpet in her honor. With help from a donation, he was able to do that. She loved school, made good grades and was an AB Honor roll student. She was in the drama club, she loved drama and played it. The last play she was in was Piglet, but I’m not sure what part she played. We missed it and regret missing it since her death.

“It’s hard writing about this.  I know it is just rambling of my thoughts. Typing on a cell phone is not easy since we are not in our home due to damage.  The contractor is trying to get the inside repaired so we might get in this weekend.”

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