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Removal of storm debris shifting gears

Based on the information relayed in a conference call last week, the Corps of Engineers and its contractors will continue to pick up vegetative debris in Seminole County through Friday, January 18.  They will also start working to collect construction demolition debris and household debris items in the next few days.  If the pickup of leaners and hangers, construction and demolition, and root balls is not completed by January 18th that eligible, identified and validated debris will  continue to be picked up possibly into February.

Only two types of Hurricane Michael debris are eligible for collection: vegetation debris – fallen limbs, fallen or uprooted trees and/or plants on residential property and construction and demolition debris – sheet metal, plywood, shingles, siding, fences, drywall, insulation. Vegetation debris does not include agricultural vegetation, like trees or plants NOT on residential property and does not include Christmas trees.

Corps of Engineers officials remind residents to place remaining storm generated debris within ten feet from the side of the roadway. Citizens should work to complete the work to get storm-related debris to the roadside as the debris removal operations are being brought to a close. Commercial debris in any form is still not eligible for pickup.

City and County officials are in discussion on any removal efforts to be planned for items placed in designated areas remaining after the Corps’ pickup mission has ended.

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