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A new Seminole State Park hopes to reopen in early May

Pictured: Construction work on Seminole State Park’s new picnic shelters is moving along very well. Hurricane Michael destroyed or damaged in some way all of the park’s picnic shelters, cottages, putt putt golf course, tree house, nature trails, campsites and multi purpose buildings

Park clean-up after Hurricane Michael is still ongoing, but progress is definitely being made. The park, as with most areas in Seminole County, was dealt a devastating blow from the storm; however, it survived and with a tremendous amount of work by park, state and federal officials, a new Seminole State Park will  reopen. The park lost a tremendous number of trees and its ground and landscaping work is still far from being completed, but when it is all completed, new lake views and different natural scenery will be on display for all to enjoy.

Park Naturalist Jason Parker commented that he is looking forward to that reopening day and mentions a few new things rolling out at  the new Seminole State Park when it re-opens.

“First, we’ll be building a much more user friendly kayak and canoe rack. It’ll be lower to the ground, eliminating those aggravating over the head boat rack removals. We will also have a fleet of new fishing canoes. These beauties are lighter than our old canoes, which makes them much faster and more maneuverable. They also feature fully cushioned seats with backs that will make those longer trips down to Cummings Landing much more comfortable,” commented Parker. When the park reopenes it will be adding new events like “King of The Kayak” boat races where participants will be able to show off their kayaking skills in short distance sprints or longer distance races which will require speed and turning capabilities. Look for these events to be scheduled during holiday weekends throughout the Summer and Fall.

A new program theme “Junior Ranger Road Trips” will be unveiled when the park resumes operations. This new program theme has been created to support the release of the park’s new site specific Junior Ranger workbook that’s full of information about Seminole State Park. Events will teach participants things like orienteering, navigating by the stars, and the nearly lost art of map reading.

Dates for these new events along with schedules for all of your favorite park activities will be announced in the near future.

A new Seminole State Park is preparing to reopen, and hopefully, if everything goes according to schedule, that reopening date will be in early May.

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