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The sky is now the limit for this little hurricane surviving cat

Last October was a terrifying time for Seminole County citizens – the human ones as well as the non-human, furry and feathered friends. Hurricane Michael’s 115+ MPH winds forever changed our lives and our landscapes. We are all survivors, but, sometimes, we all need a little help in the surviving department – especially the ones who cannot help themselves. But, as long as we keep helping our neighbors, turning strangers into friends and leaning on each other’s shoulders for strength and moral support, we can work together to make tomorrow our best day yet.

Skye, a yellow, brown and white cat, was dropped off for boarding at Riverside Veterinary Clinic in October – before the storm. For whatever reason, the cat owner’s relationship became abusive and placing the cat in a shelter for safety instead of beside the road – was the best option. Hurricane Michael roared through Seminole County on October 10 and Skye sadly had to ride the storm out at the clinic – all alone – without an owner.

Because she had nowhere to go Skye was forced to “live” at the veterinary clinic until just a couple of weeks ago. Elizabeth Carnley, a future vet student and current volunteer at Riverside Veterinary Clinic, fell in love with Skye during the storm cleanup! They bonded and became friends for life. Skye left the clinic for her new home on Saturday, January 19! Today Skye is out of her cage and back in a caring and loving environment.

Carnley commented, “Skye is a very lovable, talkative, and just all around sweet cat. When I found out that she was being put up for adoption after Hurricane Michael, I knew I had to get her. My dog Copper absolutely loves her, and my cat Callie is still getting used to having another cat around but she is still excited to play! I kept her nickname Skye from her previous owner, but renamed her with a full name of Skylar Jean Marie. Skye’s favorite activities are sleeping, playing with Copper, and watching Happy Feet. Yes, she really watches this movie! Skye is already a beautiful, happy cat. She loves to be brushed, and has the sweetest meow. We are definitely lucky to have Skye as our new kitty cat!

Thank goodness for people like Elizabeth and the staff of Riverside Veterinary Clinic. Skye may have had to deal with abandonment, a hurricane, lack of electricity, isolation and loneliness, but not any more. Just like all of us here in Seminole County, Skye has been rescued and she is a survivor!

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