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Literary Team takes second in State

Pictured left to right, first row: Bailey Fields, Jordan Williams, Autumn Sherrer, Abigail Grantham, David Pollock, Samantha McLendon; second row: Radhika Patel, Dallan Heard, Will Cobb, Will Pace, Torie Lambert and Caden Kearns

Will Cobb, Abigail Grantham and Samantha McClendon are Literary State Champions!

Cobb is this year’s State Champion in Boys Solo, Grantham is this year’s State Champion in Girls Solo and 

McLendon is this year’s State Champion in  in Argumentative Essay. 

It’s another winning year for the Seminole County High Chorus and Drama department! The Literary team, who recently won first place at Region competition, traveled to Georgia Military College in Milledgeville last Saturday, to compete with many schools from all over the state. After a long day of singing, writing, acting and speaking, the Seminoles earned a coveted spot on the platform.

“Trust me. These other schools might not know Seminole County on a map, but they sure know Seminole when it comes to performing. We are feared, and for good reason! We come prepared and ready to win,” says Literary Coach Maribeth Burke.

After this year’s competition, Seminole now has the reigning 2019 State Boys and Girls Soloists, Will Cobb and Abigail Grantham and Samantha McLendon won the state’s first place medal  in Argumentative Essay.

Results for each member of the State Runner-up Literary team include Bailey Fields, third in quartet; Jordan
Williams, third in quartet; Autumn Sherrer, third in trio;
Abigail Grantham, first in girls’ solo, third in trio; David
Pollock, third in humorous interpretation; Samantha McLendon, first in argumentative essay; Radhika Patel, fourth in personal essay; Dallan Heard, third in quartet, second in duo interpretation; Will Cobb, first in boys’ solo, third in quartet, and second in duo interpretation; Will Pace, third in International
extemporaneous; Torie Lambert, third in trio, and Caden
Kearns, fifth in dramatic interpretation.


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