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City to end storm debris pick up plan May 27

City of Donalsonville  personnel have been working to pick up items related to storm debris on city streets since assuming responsibility for this in January. The Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) has informed the city they will be responsible for vegetative debris removal on state roads at this time. Citizens have responded and have complied with the guidelines from FEMA and GEMA to get eligible debris to the roadside.  While a significant portion of the debris has been removed, some continue to place debris by the roadside after a pass has been made.  Unfortunately, the City is under a deadline to complete these operations to meet FEMA and GEMA funding assistance requirements.

It is necessary to put a deadline on the placing of eligible storm-related debris by the roadside no later than May 27.  Eligible debris includes vegetative debris and construction and demolition debris    (C&D) that was created as the direct result of the storm.  Debris from commercial and business entities is not eligible. Debris created by contractors performing work on any commercial or residential structure or property is also not eligible even if it is storm-related. Concrete is also not an eligible item. The removal of ineligible debris is responsibility of the property owners and/or contractors.

The City is working to pick up normal items such as grass clippings, limbs, leaves, etc. and will continue this operation.  Please be sure that this is separated from storm debris as we are required to separate this by FEMA and GEMA guidelines.  After May 27, 2019 any residential C&D debris picked up by the City will be billed to the property owner as per the City’s normal guidelines.

The Donalsonville City Council has recently passed a tentative budget that does not include a property tax increase this coming year even with the increased costs associated with the hurricane damage.  It is crucial that citizens work with the city by following these guidelines to reduce costs and comply with funding assistance requirements to reduce the current and future impact on the City’s operating budget.

Questions may be directed to City Hall at 229-524-2118 or


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