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Bryant Garland tragically killed Monday, July 15

Citizens of Seminole,  County, Southwest Georgia and throughout the tri-state region mourned the sudden loss of the 2018 Seminole County Ag Person of the year, Bryant Garland. Co-owner and operator of Seminole Stockyard in Donalsonville and a friend to every person he met, Garland was tragically killed in the line of duty at the Stockyard Monday evening, July 15. Funeral services for Mr. Garland were held on Thursday, July 18 at 11:00 a.m. in the chapel of Evans-Skipper Funeral Home in Donalsonville.

In remembering Garland, long time county agent Rome Ethredge commented, “In my years as a county agent I enjoyed interactions with Mr. Bryant. He was one of those folks that you’re always glad to see and it seemed he was always positive and looked on the bright side. I liked that a lot. Even if I found caterpillars eating up his and Miss Edwina’s hay field and I’d suggest an expensive insecticide to spray he’d say, That’s just what we’ll do then and smile.

He was very energetic and was always busy even up to the day he left us. He loved helping folks and was a very kind person and he was loved by many. He served many years on our Hog Show committee, he worked hard for the 4H and FFA youth. He was good at raising money for the show; he’d remember who he’d supplied manure for folk’s flower beds and gardens and ask them for a donation.

He had a cell phone where he forwarded the stockyard phone to, when no one was there. It tickled me that even when I called his cell directly he always answered, “Stockyaaaaard”, he’d stretch out the end just like that.

Speaking of Seminole Stockyard, he and Miss Edwina have operated one of the best stockyards in Georgia with livestock brought there from all around to be sold. Buyers also come in from all around, it’s a great benefit to our community.

Mr Bryant will be greatly missed by family, friends and our whole community.

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