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Courthouse repairs will include a new, working clock

Before Hurricane Michael, according to the Courthouse’s broken clock, it was always 5 o’clock in Seminole County. Not anymore. The clock, which was completely destroyed by the hurricane, will be replaced with a period-designed digital version.

Work continues on the exterior and interior of the Seminole County Courthouse to repair damages caused to the historic structure by last October’s Hurricane Michael. The company of Eco-Built Homes is coordinating the repairs and renovations, and has contracted with ServiceMaster workers out of Panama City, shown at right, who have been repairing and repainting the lettering on the Courthouse’s frieze.

“In addition to some interior work still to be done, the installation of the new clock will be within the next month or so,” commented Ed Trout of Eco-Built Homes.

By the way, the inscription on the Courthouse’s frieze reads: A Populo Seminoli Iudicium Ad Causam Iustitiae Humanae Aedifactum Est – Anno Domini Mille Nongenti Viginti Duo. Translated into English it reads, “To the people of Seminole (County), this is built for the cause of Human Justice. In the year of Our Lord 1922.”

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