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Sign up for the Perseid’s Meteor Shower Paddle

We’re just a little under two weeks away from the fabulous Perseid’s Meteor shower. As his  readers have heard him say before, Seminole State Park Naturalist Jason Parker believes the Perseid’s Meteor Shower Paddle is flat out the best tour he guides all year.

Scheduling the event this year has been a little more difficult than years past due to the waxing gibbous (almost full) moon scheduled for the peak night of the shower. In an attempt to combat the moon’s effects, Parker has decided to schedule the event on Friday, August the 2nd when there will be a new moon and nearly pitch-black skies minus any light pollution. While the date he has picked is a little over a week before the peak night of the meteor shower, he is hoping the darker skies will provide for a better show.

“There are very few things as majestic as being out on the water on a dark night with a sky full of stars overhead to witness the luminous meteors with pinkish-orange tails streaking across the sky above you. It is truly a sight to behold,” commented Parker.

The event price is $15 per person and includes canoe/kayak rental, life jackets and paddles. The event will run from 7:30-10:30 p.m. and the approximate tour distance is four miles round-trip, so don’t forget plenty of Gatorade and a required flashlight.

The past two years this tour has been totally sold-out so don’t hesitate to call in early and make reservations.

New Reading Ranger Program

Parker is also very excited to announce a new program that starts in September called the “Reading Ranger” program. As most of his friends and family can tell you, Parker is a bookworm of the highest order. “I’ve been known to spend four hours in a Barnes & Noble store, and I read Mrs. Mitchell’s epic Gone With the Wind in two and a half days at eight years of age,” Parker added.

He has recently been looking for a way to share both his love of the outdoors and his love of reading with the younger generation. One day last Spring, while setting up for a community event in town,  he met Southwest Georgia Regional Library’s Luke Brown and after a few minutes’ discussion, the “Reading Ranger” program idea was born.

The kids program will be held at the Seminole County Library the second Wednesday of each month from 10-11 a.m. starting in September. Parker will bring an object from the park- anything from an alligator skull to a drill that’s over 500 years old – to show the kids and then read them a children’s book that correlates with the object.

The program is, of course, in its early stages, but Parker is excited to see where this leads. Who knows, maybe one day he will be reading to an entire class of second graders at the elementary school.

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