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Ministerial Association needs county-wide participation

In a effort to increase the reach and effectiveness of its ministries the Donalsonville/Seminole County Ministerial Association needs county-wide participation from all churches and religious groups. The association meets the second Wednesday of the month at 10:00 a.m. at the Friendship United Methodist Church offices, and a representative from every church in the county is invited to attend.

Current attendees are Justin Gravlee (Friendship House of Jesus), David Williams (Iron City Baptist), Nate Lehman (FUMC), Michael Wingerstahn (First Baptist Church), Gary Walker (Oakview Church of God), Tracie Beard (New Vision Church), John Crisp (Rocky Ridge Baptist), Millie Rambeau (AME), James Scarborough (Assembly of God), Tim Bell (New Hope Worship Center), Phillip Kirkland (Donalsonville Church of God), and Jim Jernigan (Treasurer of Association funds).

The desire of the group is to come together and share about what each body of believers is doing individually and to talk about how we can come together on projects helping the entire county. The association also manages funds collected periodically from each church for small community needs, most frequently for transient needs.

If pastors or leaders in churches not listed wish to be involved they can contact Justin Gravlee at 229-416-5920 or

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