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Millers receive UGA’s Peanut Achievement Club honor as one of state’s top producers

The University of Georgia Peanut Team honored Georgia’s top peanut producers this weekend at the annual Georgia Peanut Achievement Club.

Fifteen farmers/farms were recognized Saturday, Aug. 10, at the meeting held annually to salute Georgia’s highest-yielding peanut growers. The UGA Peanut Team also held an open forum session with peanut producers and industry leaders. Seminole County’s 4 Miller Farms, represented by Dee and Eddie Miller, Jr. received the 2018 Georgia Peanut Achievement Club State Winner for 700 plus acres.

“We’ve climbed in yields in these categories with the growers that we have. I mean they’ve continued to stay well above 6,000-pound averages across the board,” said Scott Monfort, UGA cooperative extension peanut agronomist. “This is taking into consideration their entire farm, whether it’s dryland or irrigated. Their entire farm is counted. It’s just phenomenal.”

Georgia is the No. 1 producer of peanuts in the United States. Georgia farmers provide more than 45 percent of the country’s peanut crop every year.

The achievements in 2018 are even more impressive considering the challenges producers encountered with Mother Nature. Consistent rainfall in May 2018 delayed planting for many growers until June. Then Hurricane Michael hit southwest Georgia on Oct. 10, a time when growers were harvesting their peanut and cotton crops.

“Last year was difficult with Michael. It hurt a lot of people. Peanuts did fare a lot better (than some other crops). This is one bright spot that we have,” Monfort said. “These growers did very well on their peanuts, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t have tough times. Their cotton suffered significantly, but I’m glad we were able to come here and at least celebrate the things that did go right.”

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