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Seminole County 4-H’ers really dig land judging competition

The Seminole County 4-H Land Judging Team competed at the State Competition in Athens on Saturday, August 24.  Their volunteer coaches, Luke Johnson and Rome Ethredge, prepared the team well, leading the Seminole County Junior Team (fifth through eighth graders) to a fourth place finish and the Senior Team (ninth through twelfth graders) to a fifth place finish.  Thanks to Richard Adams and the Road Department for digging the pit in order to prepare the team to prepare for the competition.

Seminole County 4-H had three great volunteers that attended the contest in Athens with Cindy Meadows – Luke Johnson, Celia Weir and Peggy Thompson.  Special thanks to them for all of their hard work in helping provide transportation as well as chaperoning the kids.  Thank you to Walther Farms who gave a generous donation to the 4-H Land Judging Team which enabled them to attend the contest in Athens.  The 4-H’ers had a great time learning more about land judging.  We are “Making the Best Better” one event at a time.

Land Judging is a competitive 4-H event.  In order to prepare for the contest the team members attended practice sessions.  At practice sessions they learn about the different types of soil, why soils respond differently to the same management practices, how soil properties can affect crop production and soil conservation, water conservation practices, how to determine the best management practices for a particular soil, how to determine land use by judging soil depth, texture, permeability, slope, surface drainage and amount of erosion, and finally, they learn kills for managing soil correctly. By learning these skills 4-H’ers learn to appreciate the soil and its importance to everyone.

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