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Local citizens collecting supplies to aid Hurricane Dorian victims in the Bahamas

In our community’s darkest days following Hurricane Michael, car, van and truck loads of much needed supplies began to pour in from countless strangers. We survived and began to rebuild our new normal lives thanks in a large part to those selfless acts of compassion. It is now our turn to become those countless strangers and send packages of hope and supplies to those in the Bahamas who have been tragically affected by Hurricane Dorian. Donalsonville City Councilman Mitch Blanks reached out to some South Florida friends who came to our aid last October. Lion Bobbie H. Grace and the Dania Beach, Florida Lions Club delivered truck loads of needed supplies to Seminole County and now Seminole County, with the assistance of the Dania Beach Lions Club, is preparing to send truck loads of needed supplies to those in desperate need in the Bahamas.

Donations are now being accepted at the former fire station facility on Woolfork Avenue in downtown Donalsonville through Sunday, September 15. On Monday, September 16, all supplies will be loaded and trucked to the Lions Club facility in Dania Beach, located approximately 30 miles north of Miami.. The Dania Beach Lions will then ship everything over to the Bahamas Lions Club for distribution.

Supplies needed include generators, adult diapers, toiletries, paper plates, forks / spoons, pet food,  batteries, flashlights, diapers, baby food / formula, baby wipes, Pedialyte, non-perishable dry goods, non-perishable snacks, bleach, first-aid kits, peroxide, band-aids,  rubbing alcohol, cleaning supplies, work gloves, feminine hygiene products, mosquito repellent and mosquito nets.


Pictured are Cloratee and Henry Hicks, and Donalsonville Hospital’s Jeremy Peterson and Chris Waters, delivering supplies to be shipped to the Bahamas by Lion Bobbie H. Grace and the Dania Beach, FL Lions Club

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