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Jubilee Celebration set for Sunday, September 29 at Donalsonville Church of God

Reverend Phillip Kirkland and his family will be celebrating 50 years of ministry on Sunday, September 29.  Phillip was born May 13, 1955, in Donalsonville, GA into a family with a rich heritage for southern gospel singing and ministry. Phillip’s parents, Jackie and Mildred Kirkland, led The Kirkland Family Quartet around the tristate region for many years singing southern gospel music every weekend, blessing people everywhere. Phillip’s uncle, Billy Dawson, became a legendary preacher in the Church of God, especially in the state of Georgia. It seemed Phillip was destined for the ministry.

At the age of 14, Phillip began a journey that has led to the jubilee celebration of 50 years in the ministry. The journey began when he played the bass guitar for the Kirkland Quartet. One night while singing to a small crowd at the Quincy Church of God (Quincy, FL), it happened. Phillip gave his testimony! With tear filled eyes, he introduced the next song on the program, “Had It Not Been.” As he stepped away from the microphone, he moved to an empty chair in the choir loft behind the quartet. The elderly pastor slipped to where Phillip was seated, put his arm around Phillip’s shoulder, and whispered, “How about coming back next Sunday night and preaching for me?” Phillip could not believe what he was hearing. Preach? Me? This man actually wants me to preach for him? And so, from that day to this Phillip Kirkland has experienced the greatest joy of his life; preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the tristate area and the world.

Reverend Kirkland has pastored eight churches, beginning at the age of 19, in Florida and Georgia since 1964. He has also done some missionary evangelism work in the Philippines. His life and his ministry have gone full circle as he is now the pastor of the church where he was born, The Donalsonville Church of God.  Since March 8, 2015, Reverend Kirkland and his wife, Rhonda, have been a blessing as they have worked in the church and continue to see the church grow and prosper.

Join Phillip, Rhonda, and the entire Donalsonville Church of God as we experience this Jubilee Celebration of 50 years in ministry. The celebration takes place Sunday, September 29, at 10:00 a.m. There will be no Sunday School as we have several activities planned to celebrate and honor our Pastor and his family. There will be a meal in the immediately following the morning service.

Congratulations to Reverend Kirkland and his family on this wonderful accomplishment. To God be the glory!!

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