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PeoplesSouth Bank takes heart in support of Donalsonville Hospital

PeoplesSouth Bank has committed $25,000 to Donalsonville Hospital through the Georgia HEART Rural Tax credit program.

The State of Georgia uniquely empowers its citizens and businesses to make 100% tax credit-eligible contributions to qualified rural hospitals of their choice and help enhance rural healthcare for thousands of Georgians, including those served by Donalsonville Hospital.

“This program has had a tremendous impact on our hospital! In 2018, Donalsonville Hospital raised $590,675 in HEART contributions, which we spent on fire-safety upgrades, technology and communication improvements, and new physician recruitment and startup costs. Georgia HEART contributors like PeoplesSouth Bank have directly enhanced the healthcare services we offer our patients and we thank you,” said James Moody, CFO.

About their participation, Bradley Grantham, Branch Manager and Vice President of PeoplesSouth Bank said, “We take pride in our bank and in the locations that we serve. We contribute our time, effort, and money to the communities that we love. We are proud to benefit our community hospital through this program.”

There is less than $25 million in remaining HEART credits for 2019. During the last half of the year, until the $60 million cap is reached, contribution limits for individual taxpayers are lifted. Don’t delay, claim your HEART credits today! It takes just 20 seconds to complete the online application on HEART’s website. Nothing further is required until payment is due within 180 days of approval or by December 31, whichever comes first; HEART will complete the reporting of your contribution to the Georgia DOR on your behalf.

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Pictured left to right, Donalsonville Hospital Comptroller Katie Hatcher, PeoplesSouth Bank Ag Customer Service Lender Anthony Cobb, Donalsonville Hospital CFO James Moody and  PeoplesSouth Bank Donalsonville Branch Manager Bradley Grantham

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