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Finally, it’s the right time again in Seminole County

Before Hurricane Michael, it was always 5 o’clock in Seminole County – according to the Courthouse’s broken clock. On the day Michael stormed into town, time literally disappeared when the clock was blown away by Michael’s 160+ mph winds. But today, more than fifteen months after the storm, it’s now the right time to make something positive happen in Seminole County. A new and working clock is now ticking at the Seminole County Courthouse. Ed Trout’s company, Eco-Built Homes, coordinated the repairs and renovations of the Courthouse and the installation of the new clock. 

By the way, the inscription on the Courthouse’s frieze reads: A Populo Seminoli Iudicium Ad Causam Iustitiae Humanae Aedifactum Est – Anno Domini Mille Nongenti Viginti Duo. Translated into English it reads, “To the people of Seminole (County), this is built for the cause of Human Justice. In the year of Our Lord 1922.”

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