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Ameris Bank makes $40,000 contribution to Donalsonville Hospital


Ameris Bank has contributed $40,000 to Donalsonville Hospital. 

 “Ameris Bank recognizes Donalsonville Hospital’s value to our community. It is our honor to support Donalsonville Hospital and its pursuit in providing access to quality health care close to home. We recognize the hospital’s impact to our community, as it helps to attract and retain businesses in Seminole County and is a significant employer,” stated Tracy Pickle, Ameris Bank city president.

Pickle added, “As a company with strong roots in the community, we understand the importance of neighbors serving neighbors. No matter the industry, personal connections and compassion makes all the difference, especially in local healthcare.” 

Ameris Bank has participated in the Georgia HEART Program, the statewide rural hospital organization expense tax credit program since 2018.

The State of Georgia uniquely empowers its citizens with the opportunity to pay their state income taxes – an expenditure that they are required to make anyway – through contributing to qualifying rural hospitals to improve healthcare access and services for thousands of Georgians. Through HEART, individuals and businesses can make 100% tax credit-eligible contributions, up to specified limits, to qualified rural hospitals of their choice. “C Corporations” and Pass-Through Entity business owners who participate may also qualify for an additional federal business expense deduction. 

“The generous contribution of $40,000 from Ameris Bank will go a long way in supporting our mission of providing high quality, cost-effective healthcare, and promote wellness throughout our community,” stated James Moody, Donalsonville Hospital CFO.  “Ameris Bank’s contribution of $40,000 in 2019 and 2020 allows us to make important and necessary investments in people, technology and programs for positive health outcomes in Seminole County and our surrounding area,” Moody added.

“Access to healthcare is essential to the quality of life for Georgia residents,” said Ameris Bank’s Tracy Pickle. “We are fortunate to have rural hospitals throughout the state with dedicated and compassionate providers of medical services.” Pickle added, “We are pleased the contributions from Ameris Bank will allow for additional investments to enhance the services provided by Donalsonville Hospital.”

Currently, 56 rural hospitals are eligible to receive these tax credit-eligible contributions from individuals and businesses across the state. Donalsonville Hospital participates in the Georgia HEART program, which assists with the marketing and administration of the rural hospital organization expense tax credit. Together, the hospital and Georgia HEART Program are Helping to Enhance Access to Rural Treatment.

Georgia income taxpayers who are interested in participating in the HEART program are encouraged to visit to learn more and submit a 2020 HEART tax credit application

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