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Shane Purdy selected principal of Seminole County Middle-High School

Shane Purdy has been employed as the new Seminole County Middle School Principal. In an unanimous decision, the Seminole County Board of Education made it official at its Monday evening meeting. Purdy replaces Kent Richardson who retired on December 17, and will begin his official duties as principal on Tuesday, February 18. 

“Shane Purdy is a good school man,” commented Seminole County School Superintendent Mark Earnest. “He brings to this position a wealth of knowledge and experience, having served at both the middle and high school levels.  He understands the two key roles of being an effective school principal.  He is an excellent instructional leader and a good communicator.  These are important for enhancing the vision and beliefs of a school.  We look forward to Mr. Purdy continuing the success of Seminole County Middle/High School.”

Purdy holds an Ed.S degree in Leadership from Nova Southeastern University, a Masters of Health Science Degree from the University of Alabama and a Bachelor of Arts Degree, English Education from Piedmont College.

Purdy has been employed as the Director of Human Resources and Operations for Taylor County Schools in Butler since 2019. From 2017-2019 he was the Assessment and Accountability Coordinator for Baldwin County Schools in Milledgeville. For six months in 2017 he was the Assistant Superintendent of Operations for Murray County Schools in Chatsworth. From 2014-2016 he was the Principal at Pickens High School in Jasper, Georgia. Before that in the years 1998 through 2013 he has been employed as Educator and Athletic Coach, Lumpkin County High School in Dahlonega, Educator and Athletic Coach, Rabun County High School in Tiger, Georgia, Assistant Principal, Athletic Director at Rabun County High School, Principal at Rabun County Middle School, and Assistant Superintendent at Lincoln County Schools in Lincolnton.

Purdy commented, “The people of Donalsonville that I have met, whether in the school system or community, have been everything and more that was described to me prior to today. I have worked many places and this has truly been the most incredible greeting and group of people I have ever met.  

“On Tuesday, I had three tenth grade male students who walked up to me and introduced themselves like an adult would do.  Do you know how impressive that was?! – that has never happened in any school I have led. I cannot wait to serve these young men and women of SCMHS! I want them to have the experience and training from high school that we, as adults, often tend to embellish about our personal experiences when we had those wonderful high school years.  I want to see more participation by students in activities and I want to offer more experiences that they can participate in to make them well rounded and trained for their futures.  

“I look forward to working with a wonderful faculty of which I had the pleasure of meeting this morning. I cannot wait to allow them opportunities of growth in which they are rejuvenated in their profession. I know teaching is difficult, as I spent many years in the classroom myself – but I want them to focus on seeing kids succeed – the reason we entered into this profession.  

“Lastly, I want to thank the board members and Superintendent Mark Earnest for allowing me this opportunity of leading something very sacred to many people of Seminole County – SCMHS.  I feel the pride when I talk to everyone about their school – which only makes me want to make all of SCMHS past, present and future graduates proud of the work we will do.  

“Superintendent Earnest trained me in administration while in Rabun County and I only hope I can do a job that will be pleasing to him.  I have used many of his ideas as a blueprint when turning other schools around as a principal.  I am eternally grateful to have an experience of working and learning from him again, nine years later.  

“I also want everyone to know I will do my best for all of Seminole County.  I do not want to let this county down.  I am here to lead this school and community to the best of my ability – though sometimes that will be tough decisions that may not make everyone happy in the beginning, but I will make those decisions based upon what is right for our children to succeed.  I bring energy and passion to my job and I hope those around me will see it, feel it and follow.  

“Thank you, Seminole County for this opportunity.  Let’s do this together.”

Purdy was selected by the BOE out of eight applications for the SCMHS Principal position.

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