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It’s time to rally for our local businesses.



It’s time to rally for our local businesses

Countless local  businesses that relied heavily on foot traffic that isn’t there anymore are looking at their bottom lines, wondering how long they can weather the storm.

Just as we at the  are doing all we can to bring vital news and information to help keep residents safe through this crisis, we feel just as strongly about supporting the local business community.

So, call them and place an order for pick up, drive up and order, order with them online if you can an shop in person or in small groups.

To emerge from this with our community strong and intact, we need to ensure that some of the things make them special — our local businesses – are shown our appreciation and our patronage.

This community is well tested in battling the devastation of disaster. Hurricane Michael made us stronger and it made us more compassionate.

Let’s show it.

Stay safe and healthy, Seminole County

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