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New guidelines from Seminole County Dept. of Health now in effect

During this COVID-19 crisis, every guideline and order coming from state and local agencies is put in place to keep the public as safe as possible and to help stop the spread of the virus.

We the public MUST abide by these orders or there will be numerous sad consequences.

Essential businesses will remain open because they are deemed essential to our survival.

However, if we the public do not follow the social distancing guidelines – and keep ourselves at least six apart – some of our essential businesses may not be able to remain open.

With all of that said, the following directives from the Department of Health are

Stay smart and let’s live safely,
Seminole County.

1. No more than one family member allowed in store. (exceptions for the disabled and elderly).

2. No children under 16 allowed inside store.

3. Stores should have no more than 25 people in the store at one time. This does not include employees. Some stores based on size should have under 25.

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