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The Race for Donalsonville Mayor


Mitzy Moye to face Ron Johnson

Qualifying for the May 19 Special Election to fill the vacancy in the office of Donalsonville Mayor for Dan Ponder’s unexpired term expired at noon on Wednesday, April 1 with two qualifying, District 1 Post 1 City Councilperson Mitzy Moye and Ron Johnson. Early voting for the Special Election will be held during regular business hours in the Office of the Seminole County Probate Judge/Election Superintendent located in the Seminole County Courthouse beginning April 27 at 8:30 a.m. and ending on May 15 at 5:00 p.m. The final chance to cast a ballot in the Special Election will be Tuesday. May 19 at polling precincts from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Should a Runoff Election be required, it would be held on July 21.

 For more information or to request and absentee mail in pballot contact Michael Jon Rogerson, Seminole County Election Superintendent, or Kristy Wilson, Seminole County Chief Deputy Registrar at 229-524-5256 or via email at

The Candidates . . . 

Mitzy Moye is married to Retired Georgia State Trooper Joe Moye and they have have two daughters Blair Thompson (Chris) and Layne Edwards (Shawn), and five grandchildren. She has lived in Seminole County her entire life and has lived inside the city limits of Donalsonville for 35 of those years.  She is a member of Friendship United Methodist Church. 

Moye is currently employed with Spring Creek Health where she is the Medication Coordinator with her office located inside Donalsonville Hospital. In her job she assists patients in receiving their medications for free if they cannot afford them. Spring Creek Health began in 2001 serving three counties and today it serves 30 plus counties. As of fiscal year 2019 Spring Creek Health had assisted over 6000 patients connected to 284,923 prescriptions valued at more than $55.5 million. Additionally, 100% of these patients now have a current medical home. Moye is proud and happy to say that in Seminole County she has helped patients connect to over $12 million of that. 

In 2017 she made the decision to run for and was elected to theDonalsonville City Council. 

She commented that she was greeted with lots of firsts and learned really fast not to take things too personal. 

“I have loved this town and the folks in it my entire life. I have never considered living anywhere else. When I won the peoples seat at the city council table I never took it lightly. I have never missed one single meeting. I have been committed to helping “Our” town be the best it could be,” Moye added.

In her first year of being on the Council Hurricane Michael roared through and changed everyone’s lives. 

“There were lots of things that changed on October 10, 2018 for us but one thing that I wished I could’ve bottled up and saved was  how we all came together checking on each other and making sure our neighbor had food, medicine, and that they were safe. I’m thankful to have witnessed that and I pray for that kind of community again. We tend to forget. Joe and I couldn’t have prepared for what was to come for us, as we were out of our house for a year because of the storm. I believe there was a plan, HIS plan because it caused me to concentrate even more on what we had ahead of us for Donalsonville. We are finally seeing the Lions Club rebuilt. I am going to help get the city park where it needs to be on landscaping. We have accomplished a lot but there is still lots to do,” Moye commented.

Shortly after Dan Ponder’s retirement as Mayor Moye qualified to run for the office because she believes that she has what it takes to continue what ‘WE’ started when she  was sitting in that city council chair. 

“We will have lots of firsts again but we did it before and we can do it again. There needs to be leadership that will stand up to whatever they may face. I have never asked anybody to ‘follow me’; what I have asked is that you walk beside me. I believe that is what it will take for us to move forward. I am asking again, to the citizens of Donalsonville to support me as your candidate for Mayor so that we can continue to move forward. I will always be your voice,” said Moye. 

Ronald Johnson Jr., better known as Ron or Pop, is married to Karla Johnson and they have one son, Emmanuel. 

JOHNSON was born in Hollywood, Florida and raised here in Donalsonville. He graduated in 2005 from Seminole County High School, and returned to Donalsonville in 2010, after graduating from Florida A&M University with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in History and an Associate’s Degree in Education. 

Johnson is currently employed with the State of Georgia as an Adult Education Tutor for Southern Regional Technical College. He also serves as Associate Pastor at New Vision Christian Center, and is President for Strong Fathers for Seminole HeadStart and is their Seminole County Representative. Johnson is also volunteer coach for the Seminole County  Recreation Department. 

Johnson says he is running for Mayor because he has sat and watched the City of Donalsonville as a child until now., and wants to be a part of its progress. 

“As a young adult, I would attend council meetings with my grandmother, former councilmember Annie Ruth Calloway. I have always wanted to serve this city and its citizens. I have a strong passion for helping people in any way I can,  whether it’s assisting in a job search or delivering food to the elderly,” commented Johnson.

Johnson says he is also not afraid to handle emergency situations, ask tough questions or answer them and that is going to be needed in this community with the current state of affairs in the country and in the world. 

“I  vow to be transparent, fair, and work with our council to make Donalsonville into the city that any family can grow, thrive and be successful in,” Johnson added.

He continued by saying, “I am the best candidate for the Mayor because I bring a different perspective to the table. I have had the privilege to be employed with both the City of Donalsonville and the Seminole County Board of Commissioners. I have the knowledge and ability to make a budget. I know and understand the day to day operations of this city. I understand the excellence in which this city has to run and how importanT it is to make the employees feel appreciated and understood while recognizing the importance of great customer service for each and every citizen and customer. I also know the importance of having a real working relationship with the Board of Commissioners to give all citizens the best that this county has to offer. My past experience as an appraiser, gives me the knowledge of why and how our taxes, which is one of the highest forms of incomes for our city, are calculated. Also, as a former member of the Downtown Donalsonville Development Authority, I understand the need for not only beautifying our city, but also the importance of having new businesses be able to come in and thrive here in our community. It is important to assist our chamber to continue to develop relationships within the community to exhibit and show off why and how a business can come to our city and thrive and offer our citizens a diverse culture of businesses. Lastly, with my background in education, I believe in our children and that the city that they are growing up in plays a major role in the choices they make after graduating school.” 

Johnson concluded in expressing that he is not running for election for recognition or fame but rather to continue to serve his community. 

Johnson said, “I want to serve the village that helped make me into the husband, father, son, brother and friend that I am today. Help me continue to serve this community by casting your vote! I promise to be your servant, a voice for this village, and an advocate for your concerns!”

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