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Our businesses need our support, now more than ever

“Do you remember all of those local businesses you asked to give a donation for your team, fundraiser, event, organization, or club? They’re calling in the favor. Answer the call.”

So far, thank God, the number of COVID-19 cases in Seminole County has been kept down because we have been following the rules and living safely – staying six feet apart, washing our hands, keeping our groups small and sheltering at home as much as possible

As businesses begin to reopen we can keep the numbers down if we continue to stay smart and do all of the above.  

With the hope that brighter days and a near normal life may be preparing to slowly return, now, more than ever, our local businesses need our help. It is time to return the favor to the small businesses that have always supported this community.

Small, locally owned businesses are a vital life force for our community. Supporting them is in our best interest, during this crisis more than ever.

Seminole County’s businesses need us now more than ever. COVID-19, a previously unknown virus, has thrown our world, our local economy, and about every small business into a tailspin. Owners are justifiably worried, from those just getting by to those with a financial cash flow cushion. 

Having a short-term operating deficit is one thing — we all experience slow weeks or months but can still pay our bills. But fully depleting a business’s reserves is another. There is nothing to pay employees, rent or suppliers, and a small business owner may have to make painful layoffs or, worst of all, close for good.

The social distancing and shelter in place plans to combat COVID-19 have been extreme and unsettling, but they are what health professionals say are needed to flatten the curve and stop the spread. This crisis has affected every local business we know and love — including this newspaper.

Not knowing how long this current crisis will continue makes each dollar spent in this community a critical investment to its immediate future.

 Local businesses routinely get asked and agree to support every type of organization with donations, whether monetary, in-kind, gift cards or advertising in programs. 

It is time we return the favor and Pay it Forward by making a local purchase today, tomorrow and next week. 

Shop six feet apart smart in person where allowed, order take out and curb side pickups, call or go online and purchase local store gift cards and certificates and go ahead and make purchases today for future needs, gifts and events.

When we care about our neighbors and their businesses and turn that caring into action, the benefits will come back to us in ways we can’t even imagine. Those local businesses which have always been there for us when we were seeking support now need our support more than ever.

Pay it Forward. See how you can do just that on page 14 in this edition.

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