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Shop locally to help businesses, economy recover from pandemic


Support local businesses today, tomorrow and next week!

See details on page 14A in the April 30th edition of the Donalsonville News


The phrase ‘shop local’ has been thrown around a lot in the past. It is mostly used when it comes to area small businesses that have to compete with the modern convenience of shopping at home provided by industry giants such as Amazon.

Those two words are meant to be a reminder that buying local has a tremendous impact on the economy. Right now, as Georgia begins to slowly reopen, that is an important fact to remember.

A lot of things have moved online during the pandemic — business meetings, classrooms, the NFL draft. When you are only supposed to be leaving your home for emergencies and getting needed supplies, that is what must be done to keep the normal beats of society going.

While more things moved online as a necessity during the pandemic, shopping has been trending in that direction for a while. Being able to have goods delivered to your residence in a couple of days (or even a few hours, depending on the goods) is just too convenient for people to pass up.

But as we rebuild our economy from this crisis, it will be even more imperative that we shop locally whenever possible.

First, local businesses employ local workers and many of those businesses and workers have been hit hard by the measures we have taken to slow down the spread of
COVID-19. Helping those businesses get back on their feet will go a long way to helping the entire community because it will mean more people will have a chance to provide for themselves and their families.

Shopping local will also keep your tax dollars working for you locally. It is important to make sure any sales tax we pay stays local and not into whatever coffers that an online sales tax contributes to. Buying local makes sure your sales tax dollars stay local and contributes to the betterment of your community.

There is an array of local businesses that remained open and will be reopening soon. They have been through trying times, like the rest of us, during this crisis. We urge everyone to take that extra step as our recovery begins and shop locally. Even if it costs a little more, it will provide more long-term benefits to all.

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