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Make yourself a newspaper Coronavirus pinata and enjoy flattening its curve!

By David Maxwell

In these seemingly endless sheltering and socially separated days, I don’t know about you, but I am beyond going stir crazy. So, in an effort to vent some of my frustrations, and to show you another great purpose of your Donalsonville News, I borrowed the idea from a friend of mine and decided to make my very own newspaper Coranavirus Pinata. 

Once completed, and with my glove-covered hands, I carefully filled the pinata with bags of candy, crackers and cookies, bottles and blow bubbles and lip gloss. Wanting to make sure my effort was enjoyed to its fullest, I gave the pinata to Rhonda Worrell for her two granddaughters, Adeline Grimes and Avery Crews to destroy.

Rhonda and her family spent an enjoyable Saturday afternoon watching the two young ladies flatten the Coronavirus pinata’s curves, break it open and enjoy all the treats that exploded from it.

Adeline called me Sunday afternoon to let me know how much fun she had doing it and  that she wanted to do it again.

In case you want to make one for yourself, here’s how . . .

Blow up a balloon and hang it, with a string, outside, or over a sink. In a bowl, pour one part Elmer’s white glue and three parts water, and mix well. Using pages from your newspaper, tear pieces, about two inches square, and place in the glue and water mixture. Editor’s note: I found that pages from the Donalsonville News worked better for this project than those from any other newspaper.

One piece at time, place the wet paper on the balloon, overlapping the edges. Once you completely cover the balloon, let it dry for about three hours, then cover it again in a second layer of wet paper.

Let it dry for 24 hours and then hot glue red and yellow crepe paper strips, or balls,  all over the ball-shaped surface, placing them about an inch apart.

Pop the balloon, pull it out and discard. Carefully cut a  a small opening in the top of the pinata and fill with goodies. Seal the opening with hot glue, attach a string, hang it and start venting your Coronavirus frustrations.





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