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American Legion Post 157 cancels Monday’s Memorial Day Ceremony

Annual Memorial Day Salute inside the May 21 edition of the Donalsonville News

On Monday, May 25, 2020, Americans across the country will celebrate the brave men and women soldiers who died defending our country. As our nation and the state of Georgia still suffer from the effects of Coronavirus (COVID-19), Donalsonville American Legion Post 157 Commander Royce Davis announced the cancellation of this year’s 2020 Memorial Day celebration.

As part of Post 157 Memorial Day observance the white crosses with the names of the fallen veterans of Seminole County will be displayed at the intersection of Highway 84 and Highway 91 for the next two weeks. 

Whether you celebrate by hosting a backyard BBQ get-together or having a simple and intimate moment of silence with your loved ones, Memorial Day is a special time to honor America’s history and commemorate the bravery, courage and honor of our troops.

Donalsonville American Legion Post 157 will remain closed and all monthly meetings will remain cancelled until further notice.  The closing is in keeping with the shelter in place of the elderly that make up many of the post members and the sanitation requirements of the Legion Hall.

The American Legion Post continues to pray for the families of our Post members that have passed recently and the service they gave to their country and to the local Post in Donalsonville. Several members have passed this year, but Johnny F. Frith’s service will be greatly missed.



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