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Seminole Manor debuts safe-for-all visiting booth

Pictured left to right, above left, are Gena Peterson-Jordan, Myrtle Smith, Raylee Jordan,Susan Peterson, Ray Peterson and Lee Jordan. Pictured at right are Erin Christenberry and Tracy Dee.


The COVID-19 pandemic, and its social distancing safety restrictions, have made life sad and almost unbearable for many. Increased stress and loneliness caused by the inability to socialize and visit with loved ones have been especially hard. However, the staff of Donalsonville Hospital’s Seminole Manor Nursing Home has gone above and beyond the call of duty to keep its residents active, occupied and in high spirits.

From making we love you  and miss you signs and posting  in the newspaper and on social media sites, to partnering with Great Gran’s and staging a Friends and Family drive by parade in May, nursing home residents have been given, as much a safely possible, some sense of  family connection.

But still, all of that wasn’t enough. Seminole Manor has solved to problem of not being allowed to host in person visitation – they are now allowing it – separated by a wall of plexiglass for safety. 

Tracy Dee and Erin Christenberry have constructed a mobile visitation and conversation booth to allow Seminole Manor residents to sit outside and have face-to-face visiting time with family and friends. The booth is constructed out of two by fours and plexiglass and mounted on wheels. It  can easily be rolled out into the sunlight and residents  can sit comfortably and safely inside and visit and reconnect with their friends and family members – with everyone protected from the possibility of COVID-19 transmission by that thin sheet of barely-can-be-seen plexiglass.

“Just as if we couldn’t see our family, there’s certainly some concern of the psychological impact of that and that’s why we’ve done those special things to try make sure people’s spirits stay up and everyone has the opportunity to correspond with their family members,” said Shelley Hines, Seminole Manor director.

Visitors will be able to come visit with their loved ones on a scheduled basis and must call Seminole Manor at (229) 524-2733 to schedule an appointment.

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