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Healthcare, essential workers still need our support

Donalsonville Hospital employees, healthcare workers and essential services employees throughout the county, state and nation continue to be on the frontlines of fighting in the COVID-19 pandemic.  Each and every day they are putting their lives on the line for each and every one of us and we need to make sure they know that their efforts are worth it and most appreciated. 

Chuck Orrick, Donalsonville Hospital Administrator said, “Our employees, and health care workers and essential services employees throughout the area continue to work diligently and safely as we continue to fight COVID-19 here in Seminole County. This is a marathon and not a sprint. In addition to your appreciation and support we continue to encourage our community to social distance, wear masks when that becomes difficult and wash your hands frequently. We know we can slow our community spread by all working together!”

Here are a few ways to brighten the day of a healthcare or essential worker in your life! 

Help with groceries and supplies

Healthcare and essential workers are working long, sometimes 12-hour and more shifts at the hospital and throughout the county, and finding time to go to the store can be a challenge for each one of them. Ask a healthcare or essential worker to send you a list of what they need by text or email, then pick up their groceries  and needed items when you do your own shopping. Drop off the items at their house by leaving the bags on the front porch or in a garage. 

Donate blood

If you are healthy and do not have signs or symptoms of COVID-19, it is still safe for you to donate blood or blood products. In fact, the American Red Cross and the FDA are encouraging healthy individuals to donate blood during the pandemic, to minimize the risk of a blood shortage in the near future.

Stay socially distant

Doing your part to remain socially distant will also help to support nurses, healthcare workers, and essential services workers during the pandemic by slowing the spread of COVID-19. 

When you do go out, keep at least six feet away from others and wear a  mask to reduce the chance of spreading the disease. 

Place an ad in the newspaper 

or post something positive 

on social media

It seems simple, but every little word of encouragement and gratitude can go a long way when it comes to supporting nurses, physicians, and other healthcare and essential service workers. Place a thank you ad in the Donalsonville News, or if you use social media, create a post to say thanks to your local frontline hero.

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