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New virus case rate decreasing

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The daily COVID-19 case count increase is posted on the Donalsonville News Facebook page

As of press time on Wednesday, October 14, thirteen confirmed positive cases of
COVID-19 have been reported in Seminole County so far in the month of October. No new positive COVID-19 cases have been reported by the Georgia Department of Health in the last 48 hours. 

Eighty-three confirmed cases were reported in Seminole County in the month of September.  Since March, Seminole County has now been recorded with 374 positive cases, ten of which, sadly, have resulted in Coronavirus related deaths. The 374 number is not a total of the number of active local cases, but rather, as stated above, a cumulative total of individuals testing positive in Seminole County since March.

As of Wednesday, October 14 since March there have been 333,304 cases of COVID-19 statewide – out of 3,506,484 people tested – and 7,454 deaths reported to state health officials. Since this time last week, 142,661 additional Georgia residents have been tested, with 8,654 of them testing positive for COVID-19. During that same time period, the state’s number of COVID-19 related deaths increased by 225.

Seminole County Public Health Department director Penny Horne reminds readers that all numbers reported daily on the District and State’s Public Health Department websites  do  not include double counted positive cases. Each person is counted only once, even if they have had several positive tests.

Kemp’s public health emergency, which allows him to continue issuing executive orders, has also extended until Nov. 9. The latest order keeps in place a ban on gatherings larger than 50 people in Georgia and continues to make wearing a mask voluntary at the statewide level, not mandatory.

Restaurants, bars and other popular gathering spots remain under occupancy limitations and cleanliness requirements that have been in place for several months.

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