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Are you shopping locally for the holidays the year?

With only a short time remaining before Christmas Day, Seminole County merchants are counting on shoppers thinking local

“Our sales have been great and I am certain our local citizens are buying more items here at home this season,” commented Front Porch Marketplace manager Virginia Harrison. 

Residents of Seminole County are still recovering from Hurricane Michael’s  county-wide devastation, and it is more important than ever this year to shop the merchants of Seminole County. “The newspaper and community’s Shop the Shops of Seminole County campaign has greatly increased county-wide awareness of the factors and
impacts shopping locally has on local residents, merchants and the community as a whole. That alone was a positive for the community,” commented the Donalsonville-Seminole County Chamber of Commerce’s President Sarah Avery.

Even though  sales have been steady, many local merchants are counting on the sales they hope to  make in these final twenty-two days to reach their holiday projections.

 So, have you done your part as a local resident and shopped local this holiday season? Local businesses support and finance local causes, programs and projects. Their owners and employees, our friends and our neighbors, work for our PTOs, service and civic clubs and community organizations.

In short, local buying is the primary way we can improve the economy and the social infrastructure that serves our community. When supported by local residents, businesses can draw buyers from other communities, partially offsetting the outflow of dollars when local people shop elsewhere.

The Donalsonville, Iron City and Seminole County marketplaces include many fine businesses offering a wide selection of gift ideas for everyone on your list. Making spending choices that show concern about  local businesses and making choices that encourage local businesses to keep plugging away and to keep hiring contribute to our hometown’s success. When we care about our neighbors and their businesses and turn that caring into action, the benefits will come back to us in ways we can’t even imagine. 

Are you doing your part and shopping locally this holiday season?

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