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Mark Atwater hosts a picture-perfect field photography workshop

Seminole County’s award-winning professional photographer Mark Atwater, and fellow photographer Shannon Atwater, held a three-day Field Photography Workshop this past weekend. The classroom portion of the workshop was held at the Beall Center in downtown Donalsonville for attendees who flew in and drove in from seven different states. Field sessions were held at locations in and around Lake Seminole, and in downtown Donalsonville. 

The focus of the workshop was to instruct the attendees, beginners to professionals, to be proficient  in reliably and predictably capturing with a camera what they see with their eyes.  “This was done by breaking down basic photographic principles into easily understandable pieces and then re-assembling into the whole in a meaningful and easy to understand way,” commented Atwater.

The workshop also provided all in attendance with an understanding of their camera’s controls – where they are located and what they do along with in depth coverage of what makes a great image – and how the photographer can control the factors affecting it.  

Topics also included removing the camera as a road block to capturing great images and viewing it as a tool to capture the photographer’s vision, and understanding the difference between how the camera and the human eye “sees.”

“I arrived at the seminar Friday morning with my only photography experience being an Iphone or point and shoot digital camera,” commented attendee Carter Johnson. “At that point, the only functions I was aware of with my wife’s DSLR were the power button and SD card slot.  I walked away Sunday afternoon with an understanding of how to manually manage my camera’s settings to optimize the camera’s capabilities and the subject’s portrayal despite adverse lighting conditions.  I learned more in three days than my wife learned in 10 years of owning the camera! Such a great experience with such a patient instructor.  Mark’s seminar was outstanding.”

Attendee Nicole Boettger commented, “Getting the hands  and outdoors-on practice and content  theory was well worth the travel to Georgia from Minnesota.  Mark did a great job helping us work on specific areas that we needed help with.  Great meeting space and loved the small town feel.” 

Attendee Liz Atterbury added, “I loved my time in Mark’s southwest Georgia home town. It’s a beautiful and charming place. Mark did a great job of meeting every photographer at his/her level, and helping them move forward with leading questions and challenges. It was a very productive weekend.”

Attendees included Adam McSparran from Monck’s Corner, South Carolina; Mary Porter from Bluffton, South Carolina; Tricia McKenzie from Charleston, South Carolina; Liz Atterbury from Jupiter, Florida; Carter Johnson from Columbus, Georgia; Laurea Griggs from Newnan, Georgia; Rebecca Holland from Athens, Alabama; Mallie Meyers from Paducah, Kentucky; Nina Duflo from Greenville, Michigan; and Nicole Boettger- from Owatonna, Minnesota.

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