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Johnson & Johnson vaccine now available in SWGA

The Southwest Public Health District has received an allotment of Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccines. Public health leadership is encouraging those who currently qualify to receive a vaccine to consider the benefits of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, a “one and done” option.

Public health officials caution the public against directly comparing the study results from Johnson & Johnson with those from Moderna and Pfizer because of the timing of the research. Pfizer and Moderna vaccine studies occurred predominantly during the Summer before any of the variants were really a factor. When you take into account variants, which can be extra infectious, all the vaccines may be on a more equal playing field, says Dr. Charles Ruis, District Health Director

Key Facts:

• The Johnson & Johnson vaccine provided complete protection against COVID-related hospitalization and death during large-scale clinical trials.

• Just as with the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines, the most common side effects are pain and redness at the site of injection, chills, headaches, nausea, body aches, fatigue and fever for a day or two. Many people who get these vaccines don’t experience any side effects.

• The J&J vaccine requires just one shot, while Pfizer and Moderna vaccines require two.

Benefits of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine:

• No need to return for a second vaccine appointment.

• Full vaccination will occur 28 days sooner than with Moderna or Pfizer.

• Patients will enter the quarantine-free bubble 28 days sooner than with Moderna or Pfizer.

The district continues to receive a sufficient supply of vaccine to distribute to all 14 Southwest Georgia Health Departments. Vaccines are administered by appointment only. 

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