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Visiting volunteers are a blessing to DCOG

Campers on Mission

You have probably noticed all the changes going on at the Donalsonville Church of God (DCOG) over the past few months. The church is building a Family Life Center that will expand the church’s ministry and be used for muli-purpose activities by many groups of all ages in the church and community. 

In the process of this new direction, Donalsonville Church of God has been blessed to have a group of missionaries, Campers on Mission, providing free labor to help build this facility and minister to the community. Campers on Mission is a national organization with state chapters set up throughout the United States. As you ride by the church, you will see the RVs and campers. The church’s only responsibilities is to provide a campsite facility and one meal per day for the campers.  The group of campers working at DCOG come from different state chapters in the national organization, which is a national fellowship of Christians. Membership is open to all practicing born again Christians who love camping and want to get involved in mission work and share Jesus while traveling. There are no requirements, prior knowledge, or experience needed to be a chapter member. Since every state does not have its own chapter, some states form a regional chapter. Currently, Texas has the largest chapter in the organization, with Alabama and Florida not far behind. 

As a member of Campers on Mission, a person has the opportunity to work with other Christian campers nationwide on mission projects such as: campground ministries, church starting and strengthening, church repair, teaching Bible studies and Vacation Bible School, disaster relief, prayer ministry, seaport ministry, ministries at fairs, races, resort areas, kids camps, and any area that needs ministry support. 

Most of the campers are husband/wife teams, with ages ranging from 71 to 86. The women have a ministry of their own. While the men are working the facility, the wives have set up the church parsonage as an amazing sewing center, equipped to make beautiful blankets, hats, quilts, burp cloths, and other baby items. They plan to donate the items they have made since being in Donalsonville to the local pregnancy center and to Donalsonville Hospital.

The campers travel in motor homes from town to town doing the work of God and His kingdom. Most of the campers have homes where they stay when they are not working on a project; however, some live in their motor homes and work in the ministry full time. 

Howard Newberry and his wife, Nellie, serve as the lead couple in the group at DCOG. Newberry commented, “We love to camp, love God, and wanted to work and be productive while we camped, so this lifestyle was perfect us. We signed up when we listened to a presenter at an RV convention talk about the program and the work that is accomplished.” Mr. Howard also said the main means of advertising for the organization is by word of mouth. This group of missionaries plans to return to the Seminole County area soon to help in repairing damage remaining in the community from Hurricane Michael. 

The Campers on Mission are a true blessing from God. The members of the DCOG are fortunate to have developed strong friendships that will last forever. The impact of the work the missionaries are doing will not end when the building is completed, but will be felt for many years to come through the countless people who will be touched by God while in the Family Life Center.  “We often think of mission work as being done in foreign lands, but there is much work to be accomplished in our own communities. Campers on Mission is providing that ministry to our area. Today we want to salute these unsung heroes,”a church spokesperson commented.

Campers on missions currently ministering at DCOG include Howard and Nellie Newberry from Whigham, Georgia; Clent and Sue Anderson from Lee, Florida; Fred (Batman) and Karen Batignani from Madison, Florida; Ken and Barbara Dykes, David and Dawn Grant, and Ronnie and Rose Hunter, all from Florida; John and Beverly Jackson from West Melbourne, Florida; John and Nancy Janes from Hannibal, Missouri; Bill and Linda Roland from Maryville, Tennessee; Dean and Reta Miller; and Phillip and Judy Smith from Jennings, Florida.

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