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Rodeo Days arrive in Seminole County next weekend. What’s next?

Whatever it is, let’s dream it, believe in it and then work together to make it happen!


The Donalsonville-Seminole County Chamber of Commerce is alive and kicking, and its fifth annual Boots & Roots Rodeo is set to rope and ride into town next weekend for an exciting two-day show. Great things are happening and are planned for the chamber in our community, and the April 23 and 24 rodeo is just the latest chapter in that exciting story. The chamber’s annual rodeo and the time and effort it takes to stage it is the perfect example of a community’s chamber of commerce working well and developing new and ongoing projects to enhance and promote the local community’s way of life.

The chamber’s rodeo project has engaged the entire community, bringing multiple groups, governments, businesses and organizations to the same table for the unified purpose of developing plans of action for all of us to live life well right here in Seminole County.

Show your support for the chamber and the Rodeo next weekend. For the price of a ticket, a T-shirt and something to eat, you will get a professional rodeo show and a whole lot more.

Proclaiming its commitment to Seminole County’s farmers and agri-businesses, this entire community and its bright future, the chamber will proudly donate a percentage of the profits from the rodeo to Seminole County youth groups and organizations.

The chamber’s slogan, “We are open”, obviously tells us this place is open for business, but, here in Donalsonville and Seminole County, as we continue our blighted property removal efforts and begin new projects under the RURAL zone umbrella, we are open means so much more. It means we are also open to new thoughts and new possibilities. We aspire to open up minds and celebrate the genius in all of us.

The upcoming rodeo ain’t our first rodeo, and we have learned from the experience gained from the four previous rodeos that teamwork does indeed make the dream work. I am looking forward to seeing that in action next weekend.

After the rodeo, share your dream, and join the team! Let’s work together and open up a world of ideas and let curiosity get the best of us.


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