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SCES’s performance of Frozen, JR. was definitely worth melting for!


Seminole County Elementary School’s production of Frozen, JR. melted hearts by the hundreds at four packed-house sold out performances last weekend. To say it was a magical hit, and one Disney himself would be proud to attach his name to, would be a Norwegian-sized understatement. 

The results of months of practicing, designing, preparing, constructing, sewing, painting and fabricating by Seminole County Elementary students, parents, school staff members and countless talented volunteers were on full display this past weekend during the school’s annual musical extravaganza.

The SCES auditorium and stage were magically and most impressively transformed into the mythical Norwegian Kingdom of Arendale, and its residents’ singing and acting were nothing short of Academy Award level of entertainment. 

Show director and all round miracle worker Tony Buczek commented, “There were many magical moments in the performances of Frozen, JR, but here are a few that will be foremost in my memory.  After each performance, tiny little Elsas and Annas were waiting to meet the ‘real’ Elsas and Annas, and my son Jonathan heard two very small children leaving the theater talking. They were both in agreement, ‘That was Awesome!’.  Hope Alday and her little friend sang every note of every song from their seats, absolutely glued to the action before them. When something can hold a two, three, four, or five-year-old’s attention, I think you can say the performance accomplished its goal. When adults forget they are watching nine to twelve-year-olds perform a Broadway musical and simply enjoy the show — especially after the three years we’ve had as a community — we again have accomplished what we set out to do. When our young performers are still energized even after three months of four-day rehearsal weeks, I am sure we have tapped into the learning that causes students to come alive. Joy and I are happy to declare, ‘The fear and cold are gone!’ Thanks to our amazing family, volunteers, and students, hope springs eternal.”

The Disney favorite attracted people of all ages to a show whose lessons include the value of true friendship, letting go of the past, embracing who you are, and recognizing the importance of sisterhood.

With a cast of beloved characters played by Seminole County’s own beloved youth, SCES’s performance of Frozen, JR. was loaded with magic, adventure, plenty of humor, and surely thawed even the coldest heart in the audience!

This show was the perfect production for these uncertain times the world has been spinning in for more than a year now. 

Tony and Joy Buczek, along with each of the talented individuals they seem to attract, made the magic happen yet again on the SCES stage.  The exposure of our youth to the Buczek and Company’s high caliber forms of theater and music is a blessing and one that will have countless levels of positive influence on the brightness of their future.

Bravi to all!

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