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Gary Black rolls out county coordinators for his “Team 22” Grassroots Initiative in all 159 Georgia counties

Gary Black, Georgia Agriculture Commissioner and U.S. Senate Candidate has rolled out County Coordinators for his “Team 22” Grassroots Initiative in each of Georgia’s 159 Counties. With many counties adding multiple coordinators, that’s 220 committed organizers in the three weeks since he announced his candidacy. 56 counties already have a 22-member team. This is an unprecedented success for a statewide grassroots organization.

“We are putting oxygen in the bloodstream of the Republican Party in Georgia,” said Black. “People are realizing that we are strong and numerous and constitute a majority in Georgia. We are hungry to take back the U.S. Senate and put a stop to the Regressive agenda Washington is forcing down the throats of Americans.”

Gary’s organizational strength is both urban and rural with some of the larger, metro counties coming together faster than smaller ones.

Local Team ‘22 County Coordinators include Greg Mims, representing Seminole County, Tommy Dollar, representing Decatur County; Hank Jester and Richard Ward, representing Early County; Eric and Mollie Cohen, representing Grady County; Vic Fleet and Robyn Rau, representing Miller County; Reggie Bostick and Jenny Bostick, representing Mitchell County.

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