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Seminole Manor temporarily suspends visitation

Due to increased COVID-19 cases in the Seminole County community, Seminole Manor Nursing Home has temporarily suspended visitation. 

Donalsonville Hospital visitation, available from 7 a.m. – 5 p.m. daily,  is restricted as well. All visitors must wear a mask at all times while in the facility

No visitors will be allowed for COVID-19 positive patients or patients under investigation for COVID-19.

If  a potential visitor fails any of the following criteria below, he/she will not be allowed to visit patient: flu-like symptoms, cough/shortness of breath, fever, resides with a (+) COVID-19 person, had any contact with a (+) Covid – 19 person within the last 14 days, or had a recent loss of smell or taste.

Only two  visitors per patient will be allowed for patients on the Med-Surg  hall.  No one under 18 years of age allowed unless they are parents of a pediatric patient.

Visitation remains restricted for COVID-positive patients (window visits encouraged). For those patients admitted to the Med-Surg Unit, who “normally require full-time care or are developmentally disabled and usually reside with a parent, guardian, or care-giver”, that care-giver may be allowed to remain with the patient(s) during the hospital stay. The care-giver must abide by hospital visitation policies which includes remaining in room at all times and wearing PPE as required by DHI. A meal will be provided for the caregiver that remains with patient at all times.

Emergency department visitation is currently limited to only one parent per pediatric patient.

Outpatient surgery department visitation is limited to one adult visitor per patient 18 and older. Two parents are allowed for pediatric surgical outpatient. Labor and delivery department visitation is now limited to two adult visitors per patient.

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