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Southwest Georgia Health Clinics in Donalsonville

Southwest Georgia Healthcare Clinics, Inc. in Donalsonville has been awarded $889,375 in funding to aid COVID-19 response and overall healthcare access in rural Seminole County. This grant is the only one awarded in the state of Georgia and will enable the clinic to expand healthcare resources and improve COVID-19 response in the community. 

The funding will come from American Rescue Plan and is being administered through a Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) program that supports “community-based health care providers that provide essential primary health care services to underserved communities and vulnerable populations” who do not otherwise have access to federal funding via HHS agencies.

SWGHC CEO Donna Williams said, “We are so pleased to be able to expand healthcare resources in our community. The grant will enable our clinic to expand our telehealth services, purchase portable healthcare kits (including digital stethoscope, intraoral camera and otoscope), administer the COVID-19 vaccine, purchase new vaccine storage units, enhance communication with our patients and expand our community outreach efforts.”

James Moody, CFO of Donalsonville Hospital stated, “I am excited about this grant opportunity for SWGHC because it enables the clinic to have the staff and resources that are much-needed in our community. The clinic will be able to add new equipment and technology that will bring the most advanced services to our patients.”

Southwest Georgia Healthcare Clinics, Inc offers family, pediatrics and obstetrics & gynecology health care, patient education and self-management support for children, adults, and geriatrics. Southwest Georgia Healthcare Clinics is committed to providing quality healthcare to the patients we serve regardless of their ability to pay. Any patient may apply for a sliding scale fee adjustment based on their income and the size of their family. 

For more information visit: https://www.swgahealthcareclinics.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) also approved a Rural Business Development Grant of $28,336 for the Donalsonville Seminole Chamber of Commerce. The USDA grant will be used to create a “pop-up” park located in front of The Corner Bistro restaurant for additional seating. The restaurant lost 50 percent of its seating during the pandemic due to public health precautions preventing indoor dining. The grant funds will provide 16 additional seats and can potentially create several new jobs as well as contribute to downtown revitalization

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