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Dr. Addison Ponder Fields, OTD graduates with Doctorate in Occupational Therapy

With friends and family in attendance cheering her on last weekend in Marion, Indiana, Addison Ponder Fields received her Doctorate in Occupational Therapy from Indiana Wesleyan University (IWU).

Dr. Fields completed a 14-week doctoral residency project where she developed an Occupational Therapy (OT) program for and provided pro bono services to a pediatric outpatient clinic that offered only speech therapy and physical therapy services in Dublin, Georgia. She  also became LSVT BIG certified in an intensive one-on-one therapy treatment for people with Parkinson’s Disease. 

Addison chose IWU as Georgia did not have an accredited doctorate OT program at the time. While at IWU, she had the opportunity to go abroad with her professors and classmates to the country of Curacao where they spent time treating the underserved population. While there they held seminars for the country’s current occupational therapists to educate them on the newest assessments and how to make splints for their current patients. 

Dr. Fields commented, “It was such an exciting time to get to serve others and learn about another country’s healthcare system. It’s easy to take our healthcare system for granted but we are truly blessed here in the USA at the amount of resources and knowledge we have available to us.”

While at IWU, Addison completed a two-year research project on ‘Hydration in the Scope of Occupational Therapy’, and her project’s research and findings are to published in the peer reviewed British Journal of Occupational Therapy.  She was also involved in Tim Tebow’s Night To Shine program, and  a member of the National Student Occupational Therapy Association. 

Addison, a 2014 graduate of Southwest Georgia Academy, earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology from Georgia Southern University and graduated in 2018. She attended IWU from 2018 to 2021.

Addison currently lives in Dahlonega, Georgia with her husband, Jay Fields, a twelfth grade teacher and football coach at Lumpkin County High School. Upon passing the National Boards Exam, Addison said she will be working at a pediatric outpatient clinic in Gainesville, Georgia.. 

“It’s been a long three years and I am so grateful and blessed to be officially graduated as Dr. Addison Fields, OTD,” commented Addison.  

“A special thanks to my husband, parents, siblings, and Uncle Dan and Aunt Mary Lou,  for attending and cheering me on at my graduation and White Coat ceremony all the way in Indiana.” 

Addison is the daughter of Karen and Ernest Ponder,
formerly of Donalsonville.

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