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Where there is help, there is hope

Thank you to the people who are working to save lives and keep our community safe during this pandemic.

As our community, our country and our world continue to confront an unprecedented crisis, one inspiring trend is emerging — people everywhere want to help.

In fact, right now, searches for ‘how to help’ healthcare workers, essential workers, food service staff, first responders and teachers have never been higher.

We are forever in debt to every essential worker and healthcare hero on the front lines of this pandemic, and grateful for every helper supporting them.

We thank them for every late night, every extra shift, and every missed dinner at home. We thank them not only for the sacrifice they continue to make for us all, but the sacrifices their families and loved ones are making in kind.

We thank them for showing up every day and night, all in service of saving lives and helping others.

Where there’s help, there’s hope.

Essential support

In every edition of the Donalsonville News, you will find a message about keeping Seminole County green and shopping at home; we believe in that message and we will continue to support and promote it. Supporting our hometown merchants, especially the ones deemed essential during this COVID-19 crisis, is a smart thing to do for our local economy and it is the right thing to do because our local merchants are our neighbors and our friends. Keep in mind what the Chamber of Commerce frequently reminds us of in its shop local announcements, which rings true now more than ever before – “Buy local or bye, bye local.”

With that said, I would just like to remind everyone that the Donalsonville News is also one of those local Seminole County merchants. We proudly support you and shopping in this community and we need the community’s businesses to support us by advertising in their local newspaper. An increase in advertising in each edition directly increases the space available for features and promotions designed to spotlight the community and to benefit its businesses.

Not advertising is like being alone in a dark room with the door closed. You know you are there, but no one else does. Most businesses have to advertise if they are going to succeed because it is the basic way customers learn they are out there and what they have to offer.

Yet it is surprising how sometimes many business owners assume that their great idea, or cool location, or bright sign, or good looks, or whatever else it is, will bring people in the door. Here’s what brings new people in the door: newspaper advertising combined with all of the above. Sure, marketing is great and important, as is networking, and social networking, and customer service, and word of mouth; but advertising is the route with potentially the biggest payoff. Advertising turns the light on —it lets people know you are out there.

Newspaper advertising works and it works well in a small community like ours.

•Your ad is physical and, as such, can be clipped (no need for printing.) It can contain details, prices, offers and contact information that is sometimes more difficult to get across (and remember) with the electronic media.

•Your advertisement in a physical newspaper is not a click, or DVR fast-forward, or changing to another station, away.

•People take time with the paper, and thus can really read your ad.

The toughest question to answer about newspaper advertising is how big of an ad to run, and how often. The answer is: As much as you can afford. Like most advertising, with newspapers, repetition is the key, repetition is the key, repetition is the key. What is the key? See?

Use us to your advantage each and every week! We are here for you and we will always be here for you – with your help and support.

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