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Look what popped up downtown on Second Street this week

Good things are literally popping up all over downtown Donalsonville. Thanks to a $28,336 Rural Business Development Grant awarded to the Donalsonville-Seminole County Chamber of Commerce a “pop-up” park popped up this week on Second Street in front of The Corner Bistro restaurant for additional seating. Additional plants will be added to the current layout, colorful murals depicting images of downtown are going up in the Osceola Hotel windows, and two  portable heaters are ready to go into place as soon as the temperatures cool down.

One of the purposes of this type of grant is to give needed economic assistance to businesses negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Corner Bistro lost 50 percent of its seating during the pandemic due to public health precautions encouraging social distancing and preventing indoor dining. 

“The grant funds will provide 16 additional seats for the downtown restaurant,” commented Chamber of Commerce President Sarah Avery. 

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