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Alcohol beverage consumption district established downtown

At its February meeting the Donalsonville City Council voted to adopt Ordinance 01-04-22, providing for an amendment to the Code of Ordinances of the City of Donalsonville to establish an area in the central retail business district to allow limited off-premises consumption of wine and malt beverages. 

The off-premises alcohol consumption district is defined as the area encompassing First and Second Street from Knox Avenue to South Tennille Avenue and includes the thoroughfares of Wiley Avenue, Cherry Street and Woolfork Avenue, located north of Third Street and south of the CSX Railroad right-of-way. The ordinance requires that alcohol may only be purchased from licensed establishments within the district and dispensed in approved containers no greater than 16 ounces in size. 

Mayor Pro Tem Ed Bond made the  motion to adopt the ordinance and Council-person Mitchell Blanks seconded. The motion was approved by a vote of five to one. AYES: CP Moye, CP Register, CP Blanks, CP Brooks, and CP Bond. NAYS: CP Smith. Motion passed.

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