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550 issues later, how are we doing?

Isn’t it amazing how time flies when you are having fun? It’s hard to believe, but as of next week, the Donalsonville News will publish it 550th edition since I came on board as managing editor and we launched our new format and design. 

Since that time we have continued to add features and tweak our presentation of your news, and I can honestly say that each and every issue has been a joy to produce. When I first arrived I put a quote in the one of the editions that read, “ If you can find a job that you absolutely love, you will never have to work another day in your life,” – and that is exactly how I feel. It has been, is and always will be a privilege  to put your faces and tell your stories on the pages of your community newspaper. 

Below is my very first article that appeared in that first issue soon to be almost 550 editions ago. 

As I read it and began thinking about the issues yet to come, one question came to mind.

How are we doing? 

Here’s how it all began . . .

 A long night’s journey into day

– September 2011 –

A new day has dawned at the Donalsonville News. The newly designed edition is on the streets and we are looking forward to your feedback and your impressions.

I would like to thank Dan Ponder for his vision and support, Bo McLeod for his guidance and comments and Rhonda Worrell and Janet Hill for their tireless dedication in putting this issue together. Together we locked the doors at 1:30 a.m. Wednesday morning and appropriately put the issue to bed.

For the past two months we have been requesting your comments and suggestions and your requests are reflected and incorporated into this edition.  Today you will find a new look, a new organization and new features – and this is just the beginning of our journey. In the weeks to come you will continue to see new features as we work to provide your news the way you want it. Our goal and purpose is to give you, our readers and advertisers, exactly what you deserve – the absolute best.

The newspaper’s website is now a reality.  At we will keep you updated on happenings and events around the clock. Check us out Friday night as we follow the SCHS game against the Wesleyan Wolves. As soon as the game ends you will know who won and read a story and hopefully see photos of a pack of wolves howling in defeat and headed back to Norcross. The newspaper’s e-edition, providing a look at every single page from every edition from 2011 forward, will be open at noon on Friday.

It has been a long night’s journey into day; however, the sun has risen and a new day full of opportunities has arrived.

Your impressions and comments are welcomed and requested at 

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